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Dandy buttslap gifed.

Man, I haven’t even seen this episode yet and I love it.

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The Many Faces of Dumb Mud


DRAMAtical Murder aka Gay Blue Dog Anime aka Dumb Mud is my favorite comedy of the season and it isn’t even trying. I didn’t even mean to keep watching it, but I was coaxed back in by my pathetic thirst for filmic punishment. I’d stopped after episode two, which was such a dull progression of…

Bless this post and bless those screenshots.

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The styling makes it perfect. Love the tiny pec-cleavage.

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Yaoi dot gif.

It’s all fun and games until somebody loses their virginity.

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Everyone else can go home


omg lol

best cosplay of all time

I love that the cheekbones are drawn on her face.

warning: my policy for this blog is to repost this every time it pops up on my dash

can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that every troll cosplayer in this picture is a terezi

the second i learned that trolls were only like 1/4th of the cast of homestuck i was livid. CUT IT OUT WITH ALL THE GRAY PAINT THEN.

The He-Man is fabulous, though.

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Question-box now open!


Hey guys!

So we’re getting into the final stretch on coding and assets for the game. I’m super-stoked and very ready to have the demo complete around August 15th (maybe a few days earlier or later, but sometime in that week.)

Right after that, the game will go to kickstarter for a full version,…

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This is the actual for-reals context. Oh, anime.



This is the actual for-reals context. Oh, anime.

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Did you read books like Animorphs when you were a kid? I know once upon a time you reviewed the Babysitter's club movie, so were you a fan of any of tween, pre-teen books? Like the Mystery club, spooksville (which now has its own awfully boring tv show), etc.
andwhenthefantasydied asked


I was a big fan of Babysitters Club and Goosebumps - those were an early 90’s joint so I was right in the demo.

I did not read Animorphs - I was at the age where I was reading adult books because I was twelve years old and I was an adult, goddamnit. In the modern parlance, Animorphs is what we call “middle grade” - Young Adult as we know it now didn’t really exist back then, so basically you hopped straight from Fear Street to Stephen King. So I considered Animorphs beneath me when that first came out.

Full disclosure; I’m reading them now and I must be the worst adult in history because this is the most fun I’ve had reading a thing in a long, long time. So for the people wondering “do they hold up?” Yes, yes they do. Only goddamn Marco is just as annoying in the books as he is in the show. Shut up Marco you bitch. (Only at least in the books he doesn’t pepper his speech with forced latinoisms like “hombre” and “muchacho”).

I just got to the Visser One reveal and I was like OH SNAP. I did NOT see that coming.

Marco was my favorite! Although it has more to do with his development over time than his unfunny jokes, everyone’s jokes in the book are unfunny except Ax’s. But I remember his books being the most character-consistent and having the strongest voice. Basically the best written.

Cassie books on the other hand…well, #19 is good. But Cassie books are a *trial.*

Glad you’re enjoying Animorphs, they and a few other things HEAVILY informed my interests in genre as I transitioned into teenhood, so it’ll be neat to get a fresh perspective on them!

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Super Frog Saves Tokyo, or Those Forgotten by God


From a series on Mawaru Penguindrum’s literary influences.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about spoilers.

SUPER FROG SAVES TOKYO is about a hardworking but unacknowledged debt collector named Katagiri who is enlisted by a giant frog to help save Tokyo. The compassionate and eloquent Frog is…

Dostoevsky and Penguindrum analyses, whee!